10 top tips how to get the most out of joynup :-)


Complete your profile well and include an attractive photo (only then can you attract people to search for you, and companies to contact you with paid surveys).


Set your status: with your status you will set the activity you are planning to do. If you want, you can specify your activity with a description, and set a time as well as place. This way your friends can know where you are, what you are doing, and they can join you – of course, if you make your status visible to them (set visible, visible only to friends, invisible). If your friends set their status, you will know what they are doing and you can join them – if you like.


Set visibility/invisibility – If you choose visibility, even members unknown to you can find you in the search results and can write to you (unless you disallow this in your profile), send a paid survey, send you a friend request, etc. If you set visibility only for “friends” – only your friends will see you on the wall.... other members cannot see you and so cannot send you a paid survey either. If you choose invisibility – you are incognito, you can search for others, but no one can see you....but no one will send you any paid survey and cannot search or contact you either.


Invite people you know to joynup – create your own community of friends and favourites. If you purchase premium membership, you can invite people you know through invitations (Facebook, E-mail, Qr code, web button). In this way you will create your affiliate team and can watch it grow and develop. Even if your team members purchase premium membership and spread joynup too, your team will continue to grow. Every time someone on your team purchases premium membership, you get a commission (more info in “earn credit” or the video “instruction”).


A premium member earns double for paid surveys! Free member 0.05k, Premium member 0.1k = EUR 0.1 per 1 paid survey. Joynup is new, so many people and companies do not know about it yet. The more active members there are, the more companies will actively send you paid surveys. Help us grow, help us spread the idea that will help everyone. It will help companies target their customers, and represent commission for members for the advertising of companies.


Get information – Watch carefully the whole 22 minute video “instruction” and test all the functionalities of joynup. Only when you have the correct information can you get advantages for yourself.


Ensure information awareness – Only if you provide correct information to people you know before the invitation to joynup will they know why to register. Only then will they know why they should watch the instruction video, fill in their profile, and continue to spread joynup. The better the information you provide to people you know, the more your business in joynup will spread. The less information you provide, the fewer people register through you, or they register but do not even fill in their profile and do not spread joynup. In fact, they do not get anything out of joynup and neither will you :-)


Do not spam - Spam is unrequested mail, so always inform people you know that you are sending them an invitation to joynup. Get their permission. If you spread joynup through Facebook, notify people you know that Facebook protects itself from spam, so if someone opens your invitation, Facebook might ask if they really want to continue. If your friends know what to expect – they will open your invitation without problems. Facebook knows that the given person expected the invitation. If you put a status on your wall or if you spam your friends without explanation, Facebook might first ask if your friend wants to continue to the sent link. If your friends did not get the correct information, they might be cautious and not click on the button and Facebook will know spam was sent to them. Because otherwise your friend would click on “continue”. Spam is illegal.


Use paid survey for your benefit – Via a paid survey you can send advertisement clicking on your webpage or various questions to members that you can filter according to place, age and many other criteria. You can send questions and consequently further questions or advertisements to people that responded to your previous question in a certain way. It is a revolutionary way in which you can select your customers and send advertisements only to them based on a couple of correctly selected questions. In this way you can use very effective marketing and save money. The fee for one questioner is 0.12k = EUR 0.12. As much as EUR 0.1 of this sum goes to the contacted premium member and 0.05k to a free member.


Set your invoicing: prior to payment for premium membership or prior to payment for paid surveys, set in your profile (invoicing): country – if you’re not a sole trader or a trader – VAT non-payer. If you are a VAT payer, enter a valid VAT ID (IČ DPH). Fill in the correct invoicing data. Invoices for payments will be saved in your profile - invoicing.

Joynup is a global project with a big heart that benefits everyone. It has many marvellous functionalities, and the main aim is to assist people and companies. If you join and help this idea grow, you will be closer to your friends. You can earn, get rich and have great fun too.

Good luck from

Your joynup